How do people use Jibe?

  • Professional Development
  • Reduce time and travel by creating centralized and multiuser employee training for people to attend from work or home.
  • Architectural Review
  • Meet with clients during the concept and building phases to virtually walk through interactive models of new buildings.
  • Medical Training
  • Create 3D models that allow healthcare professionals to visualize and interact with the human body and virtual patients.
  • Immersive Learning
  • Engage students and teachers in historical recreations that capture their imagination and challenge their collaboration skills.
  • Scientific Visualization
  • Build 3D visualizations of complex datasets and explore molecular models from the perspective of individual atomic particles.
  • Military Training
  • Train military personnel in 3D simulations and multiuser role-playing exercises to prepare them for challenging real-world situations.
  • Game Development
  • Jump-start multiplayer and MMO game development by using the Jibe project kit to manage multiuser and avatar functionality.
  • Curriculum Enhancement
  • Augment a curriculum by adding immersive 3d learning environments that expand on existing web-based learning materials.
  • Online Communities
  • Add a multiuser 3D environment to any website and allow visitors to interact with other people across the world.

Working with ReactionGrid and Jibe

ReactionGrid Inc. is a software development company and production studio creating multiuser 3d simulations and virtual world projects. Jibe 2.0 is ReactionGrid's flagship platform for building and deploying multiuser 3d environments on the web and on mobile devices. Our Jibe platform gives our customers the ability to build their own multiuser 3d environments using the Unity3d editor, and we also provide custom development services for customers who need direct assistance with 3d design and construction.

ReactionGrid's focus is on the educational, business and entertainment use of 3D environments that deliver high-fidelity immersive experiences similar to modern video games. ReactionGrid can help you create 3D environments that provide a very tangible return on your investment such as time optimization, cost savings, and improved learning outcomes.

ReactionGrid has extensive in-house expertise in developing successful virtual world environments for educational, business and healthcare purposes, lead by a senior management team that has decades of experience in successful project management. With the leadership skills needed to help guide clients in defining and achieving their goals, the entire team deeply understands effective game based learning, instructional design, backend database integration, artistic design and 3D content development.

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